The Four

The chief deity of ScatterPoint is Umbriel, the Lady of Shadow. Following her are the three secondary gods, known as the lost gods, who are Zurvan, Ahriman, and Paranor.

The Church of Twilight
The leading organized religion in ScatterPoint, it is city-sanctioned with its temples located throughout the breadth of the city and even in some remoter places in the barrens. Here people come to worship Umbriel, the Lady of Twilight, under the direction of her servants, the shadowpriests. Commonly referred to as the Temple of Twilight, its greatest temple is located in GreyMesa where the Church’s spiritual leader, the Maegas, resides. Shadowpriests and their acolytes typically dress in soft greys and blacks and wear hoods that conceal their faces. The Maegas, however, traditionally dresses in severe robes of black fringed with white.

The Hall of the Four
There are many who refuse to forget the ancient gods who once shaped the fate of man before the Tempest. They were called the Four. People gather together to pay homage to them all, Ahirman, Paranor, Umbriel, and Zurvan. Umbriel has risen to ascendance in the eyes of ScatterPoint and the other three are usually given little more than lip service for the proven power is in the hands of Umbriel’s devout. The ancient laws forbid the spilling of blood within the Hall of the Four, so they are often used by businessmen of various types to hammer out contract arrangements and other deals. Such halls are located in each district, typically near the chief market square. The Temple of Twilight maintains a presence in each hall to provide balance and insight about the Church to people that stop through and to keep a watchful eye on the happenings of the City. They do not view it as contrary to the Temple’s wishes, but a step toward restoring balance in the cosmos.

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The Four

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