Storm Song

Day 2, Oneday of Fivemonth
Stone of Suffering?

After leaving Lady Winterwood, our jobbers take a rail to Pitchpit, then join a supply train to Shadowmoon Salvage. There, they take their letter of introduction and meet Master Terridar Shadowmoon. He offers them immediate employment finding the Ahrimanan Stienen, A Suffering Stone from an ancient Ahriman temple.

His terms are relatively generous, so they promptly undertake the mission. Taking a train from Pitchpit to Riddlerock with their borrowed skirr and cart, they head into the barrens, encountering another Runestorm which the seek refuge from in a large chamber with deep tunnels extending into the ZU

Day 14, Twoday, of FiveMonth
A lost (?) locket

While sipping Glee and Gloom in a downtown flywheel, The Rusted Nunyon, several Jobbers witness an andari woman speak with the flyman, and head to an alley in the back. But she was followed by several toughs.

They went to make sure things were OK, and discovered the lady being harassed by the four grubs, and being watched by a crowd of bluecoats. They corrected this and sought the item the woman tossed. Upon finding it, they tracked down the owner, one Lady Marissa Winterwood. She has offered a letter of introduction to her cousin who runs Shadowmoon Salvage, as well as a cog train ticket to Pitch Pit.


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